Bhadradri Kothagudem, July 12 (News Time): The Bhadradri Kothagudem district has come to light in Ashwaraopeta, an incident where girls have been sexually assaulted in Madarsa, a home for orphans and poor children.

Sheikh Vali Madarsa was set up in the Alluri Sitharamarajunagar Colony in Ashwaraopeta about ten years ago. Here, orphans and destitute children take refuge. Three years ago, akachelles from Peddapalli district joined Madarsa. Over them the manager’s son, Razak. He began to make illusions with his sister. The girl went home in fear of conceiving and told her mother all that had happened.

The Madarsa manager does not believe that vali will go to the girl’s mother and make the victim an ax. In the meantime, the girl had miscarried, saying that Vali and Razak had nothing to do with the victim. Razak also lurks at Madarsa’s sister, raping her for three months.

Knowing this, the victim’s mother came to Ashwaraopeta and sought refuge with local Muslim elders. With their help the police lodged a complaint. Razak came to know about this. Vali is being taken into custody by the police. The Madarsa organizer and his son have heard many allegations and a full investigation is being carried out against them, said Ashwaraopeta CI Abbayya.

Victims, Muslim elders and villagers agitated for the immediate lifting of Madarsa, home to non-violent activities. As the villagers moved into the Madarsa courtyard, the women barricaded them and an argument broke out between the two sides. Subsequently, on the main road of Asvaraopeta-Jangareddygudem, they laid down and became agitated.


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