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Exit polls are important every time in the election. However, what government is coming to the center of the world this time over the past? Which party will form the government in Andhra Pradesh? It became an interest in everyone. Assembly elections are expected to come after several days after the polls. The contestants are based on the Exit Poles.

Paid surveys are being announced by three major parties in the state. It is not true, but it is estimated that between Rs. 6 crore to Rs. And, aside from the reliability of such exit polls, some of the candidates are more likely to be affected by these speculative results. Exit polls of almost all major organizations make it clear that the BJP-led NDA government is coming to power in the Lok Sabha polls.

There is suspicion over the future of the Congress-led Mahakutty. The Exit polls predict that this time the BJP will form the government with a huge majority. The exit polls predict that the Congress-led UPA is far from 120 to 160 seats. If the same happens, the hopes of the regional parties that are united against the BJP are just as fragile. Moreover, AP Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu is trying to bring the NDF to the unity of the Naidu.

According to a survey by former MP and industrialist Lagadapati Rajagopal in Andhra Pradesh, the TDP has come to power again, according to the India Today-My Axis Survey. In the Lok Sabha, TDP would be given 4 to 6 seats and 19 to 20 seats for the NCP. In the AP Assembly, the poll said 133 to 137 seats, 37 to 40 from TDP and the Jasce had a chance to win from 0 to 1. If this happens, it will be wrong for the TDP to get out of here. In the same lagoon survey, TDP is likely to get 10 seats for 100 seats. The survey revealed that the Opposition’s VCP will not disappoint this time too. Yagadapati said that Jagan’s party will have seven seats and 72 seats.

While these estimates were filled with joy in the tiered areas of the TDP, it was not in the belief that the younger siblings were able to believe in the success of the Telangana election results in 2018. The TDP-BJP alliance has got 107 seats in the 2014 elections and the NCP has 66 seats. In the Lok Sabha, TDP has 16, while the NCC has 9 seats. If you look at the results of ‘India Today – My Axis’, the situation in the assembly and the Lok Sabha will have a lot of seats to lose. On the other hand, the Times Now-VRR survey also said that TDP might lose the Lok Sabha seats.

VCP 18 and TDP 7 will win. The survey by the Lagadapati Survey, INS, Today’s Chanakya and News 18 companies has been the only way to bring tidipi up. TRS still continues in Telangana. The TRS in the total 17 seats will be available from 14 to 16 seats. This time the Congress will not be in the Telangana region. This party is expected to come to power in the center of the TRS with the possibility of getting the highest position. In the AP, the VCR also signals that the majority of Lok Sabha seats will be won and the KCR that has promised to give a ticket to TDP will be fulfilled. There are, however, the possibility of reversing the predictions of the actual results.

Newspapers, TV channels and private companies are exit polls and opinion polls. Political parties also collaborate with self or private organizations. But there is nothing to disclose their results. Survey results reveal the need. Wherever the elections are held, the most talk is about the pre-poll, the Exit poll and the post poll surveys. Political parties are more likely to talk about people than that.

These are most useful for public pulse. That is why political parties do the same for these surveys. In a way, such surveys can be a ‘paid survey’. Prepol survey is conducted to find public opinion on several parties before the election. In 1824 the Harrisburg Pennsylvania Peninsula Newspaper reported that the first poll survey was conducted. Participants of the survey say their views on the parties. Survey managers assess the results based on them.

Are the participants of the survey sure to vote? Or not? That’s not to say. Even those who do not have the original vote can give their opinion in this survey. Not a single vote, but a survey of various topics, surveyors, who have created a questionnaire. After the announcement of the schedule, the prepolar survey is conducted on the basis of the pre-polling week before the candidates are finalized. Prepol surveys all the way to the Lok Sabha and AP Assembly on the general election till the scheduled announcement. Opinion polls that precede the polls are so voter turnout can vary by polling. The voter’s opinion may be somewhat similar to the end of the campaign phase when the candidates are announced, as the candidates are chosen.

Nothing to say is true. But the opinion poll is used to assess people’s mood. Survey during the Exit poll polling. That is the opinion poll of voters who vote after the vote. That is a survey of all the voters in all the countrywide elections in seven states, from April 11 to the Elections of Andhra Pradesh.

There are different arguments about how the first exit poll was conducted. In February 1967, the Sociologist Marcel Van Dam had the first exit poll conducted in the Dutch election. In November 1967 there was another argument that American pollster Warren Mitofski made the first exit poll. Another story was that the Exit Poll was in Colorado in 1940. In the past, the exit poll results were high in comparison with pre-poll surveys. But in recent times the Exit Poll results are also manipulated.

But there is still a way to believe that the Exit Poll results. The reason is that the exit poll results are slightly closer to the actual results. Many exit polls and post polls are the same. But the Exit Poll and Post poll surveys are different. Exit poll is on the polling day. Post poll survey has been done since the day of polling up to the previous day. The election poll was held on April 11, 12th, 13th and 14th, Any survey will be performed by randam sampling. For example, if a booth has 1000 voters, 50 of them will be interviewed. The 50 people are selected as Random.

That means, if you divide 1,000 voters with 50, you will get 20. Please choose the voter number 12 in the voter list. Then 20, 20, 20 connects to the person whose name is. Science is the science of analyzing election results. Not just elections, but surveys on various topics. Newspapers, TV channels, and private companies run surveys. Political parties also collaborate with self or private organizations. But there is nothing to disclose their results. Survey results reveal the need. Otherwise analyze the results for their needs.

These surveys can not be 100 percent accurate. There are marginal errors. Most exit poll results are reversed. There are many reasons for this. Survey managers talk to voters and find out who voted for. However, in the pre-poll survey, voters in exit polls may not disclose freely. Because? Most people do not want to vote for someone else. Even here voters are going to lie. The same post poll survey can be found at home with a voter.

There is no pressure on the fact that the truth is more likely. Only party activists and sympathizers are free to vote for the people at the polling station only. This does not know the public pulse. Random sampling is another reason. If you want to ask every 10th voter in the Exit poll, 30-40 voters will go to the 10th voter.

This makes the difference in the sampling. The Election Commission has imposed some rules on the pre-poll and Exit poll surveys. The Prepol Survey can only be revealed before the election campaign expires. The results of the exit polls should be revealed after the expiry of the all-round polling. According to the rules, the Exit Poll results should be released only after the expiration of the polling. The provisions of this Rules may be filed under section 126 of the Public Procedure Act, 1951. In the case of exit polls, the Central Election Commission has repeatedly warned that there are violations in some places.

In the AP, the bicycle has climbed on bicycle, in Telangana and supporting Kamal in the Lok Sabha elections, he revealed in his survey report one day earlier. After the final phase of the polling was announced, he officially pressed the press and revealed the details of the report earlier. Reliability in the surplus surplus is not a lot of people’s knowledge.



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